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Integrated Security Solutions

For some of our clients, the ‘new normal’ has led to a change in their security requirements. Securitas can provide a custom mix of security services that best fit your needs and budget.

We know that time, money, and quality are critical factors for our customers; This is why we offer time-saving and cost-efficient security solutions that we tailor to fit the security needs of your business.

We combine security officer services with technology

Successful security solutions often comprise a combination of different security officer services and technologies that complement each other to prevent both damage and trespass and act and protect your values. By combining traditional guarding services with, for example, control and maintenance of your security system, you can lower your costs and avoid disruptions to daily operations.

Some examples:

  • A manufacturing plant with security guards at the front gate while cameras monitor the perimeter via remote guarding.
  • A commercial office tower and parking facilities with security guards during business hours, daily mobile patrols, daily remote guarding tours, and remote patrols for parking facilities.
  • A distribution center, office, and factory site, with a security guard in the office during the day, mobile patrols at night accompanied by remote video services for alarm verification, gate entry/ exit, and nightly remote patrols.
  • A construction site with any combination of on-site, remote, and mobile guarding varies from time to time and seasonally.

The solution is simple

With Securitas as your security partner, you receive a complete, trouble-free solution that allows you to focus all your energy on your core operations.

You also avoid expensive investment costs by leasing the technology from us.

Securitas security solutions include everything you need to protect your business. We provide you with a complete security solution, one personal contact, one contract, and one fixed price. Complete security, trouble-free.

The benefits

Managed by Securitas

We deliver added value by investing in technology installed at the customer's site; This means that we take full responsibility for

  • Technology investments
  • On-site installation
  • Maintenance of security equipment

Flexible solutions

Securitas conducts a thorough initial analysis of their situation and requirements to ensure that our customers receive the right security solution for their specific needs.

Basis this analysis, our customers are presented with appropriate security alternatives.

Single point of contact

To make it as easy as possible for our customers, we offer a single point of contact for the customer's whole security solution through the Security Operation Center (SOC).

The operators working at these nationwide communications and coordination service hubs are experts in quickly addressing and solving different problems following local guidelines and customers' requests.

Securitas operation centers

Securitas Operation Center (SOC) plays a crucial role in providing high-performance security.

From here, our security services and solutions are managed and controlled. At Securitas SOC:

  • People and technology are combined through established processes and protocols
  • Putting customers first; coordinating customer security and service.
  • Data about all incidents that occur and security services provided are directed through our SOC and managed by trained professionals.

Customize your security solution today

Contact us for more information on how we can create an optimized solution for you.
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