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Business Intelligence (BI)

With remote business intelligence, you can use your security solution for your security needs and for analyzing and planning your business processes.

Securitas provides security services to SMEs, regional satellite offices, retail clients, which can include supermarkets, store chains, shopping centers, or shopping malls, as well as the property owners of these buildings. The solution is developed according to the needs and risks of each client. It comprises a combination of different services, such as: 

  • People Counting: You can get data as to how many people have visited the store 
  • Heat Mapping: You can visualize the length of stay of your customers in a certain place
  • Remote services and lone worker protection after closing times

Whether a small shop around the corner, a shopping mall, or a luxury store, we have developed security solutions based on the risks and the needs of the market and the clients. 

Our Business Intelligence Services allow our clients to manage tasks remotely from anywhere, in-house or outsourced at our SOC.

  • Open and Close Monitoring

    Our 24/7 SOC will monitor your stores' opening and closing timing, ensuring your business operates on-time.

  • Contact Center Support

    Our 24/7 SOC can handle the calls from your customers and escalate them to your support team.

  • Security Equipment Health Check

    Our command center can proactively monitor all of your security equipment on-premise and immediately escalate to support or maintenance for any downtime.

Customize your security solution today

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