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Securitas and data centers

Securitas certifies 10,000 data centre professionals.

27 June 2024 06:31

10,000 data center professionals

Building on the establishment of the Global Clients Data Center Group in 2023, Securitas is now taking an important next step by strengthening the skills of Securitas’ security officers by introducing a certification for managing data centers’ diverse security challenges with efficiency and expertise.

The significance of big data and cloud services has never been more prevalent. Serving as critical hubs for storing, processing, and distributing digital information, data centers are a part of our daily digital experience. They are the unseen backbone that enables everything from streaming our favorite movies and sports events to managing the financial transactions we rely on daily, to supporting communication tools that connect people across the globe. The global data center market is projected to expand significantly, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.9% leading up to 2030.

This rapid growth comes with challenges. Data centers face a myriad of security threats, including human error, system failures, natural disasters, and cyber-attacks. These risks highlight the undeniable need for specialized security measures to protect these critical infrastructures. In enhancing our commitment to top-tier security services for data centers, Securitas will train a large number of security officers to become Certified Data Center Security Professionals, elevating the quality of security services provided to data centers globally.

Certified Data Center Security Professionals

"The Certified Data Center Security Professional training is an example of Securitas' dedication to providing security solutions tailored to meet the challenges in the markets where we operate”, says Bert den Hartog, VP, Global Clients Data Centers. "With over 15,000 hours of total training, upon completion, more than 10,000 participants will attain the certification, showcasing their best-in-class proficiency in safeguarding these high-security facilities."

Central to this training are key focus areas such as stringent physical access control, emergency response procedures, adherence to ethics, and professional conduct. Securitas’ certified data center professionals will be adept at addressing a wide array of security challenges, all while efficiently managing other crucial responsibilities, minimizing the need for excess personnel, and therefore reducing the risk of human error.

Securitas’ certified data center professionals will serve as vigilant eyes and ears, enhancing client safety by identifying hazards and improving working practices. Through collaboration and cultural reinforcement, our clients will be able to enhance their own EHS programs, ensuring a safer and more efficient workplace.

Securitas knows data centers

"We understand the pivotal role data centers play in today's digital landscape”, says Milton Plet, SVP, Head of Securitas’ Data Center Group. “That is why Securitas is investing in our professionals, ensuring they have the necessary expertise and skills to provide best-in-class protection for our clients. In the same way as security officers tasked with protecting fire-prone facilities must possess expertise in fire safety, our data center specialists need extensive knowledge in all peculiarities of data centers”.

Delivering solutions to a sector in exponential growth necessitates staying at the forefront of service offerings. The current rollout elevates the industry standard, but it is just the beginning. Securitas plans to introduce additional modules to the certification and launch further training for our officers. This commitment is key to ensuring our clients receive the highest level of security, safeguarding what is essential in the new digital era. All with ultimately one purpose: to make your world a safer place.

Innovative learning sparks professional growth

Launching on February 12, the training will seamlessly integrate into the Securitas Global Clients Academy for all Securitas’ officers in data centers, accessible to every employee for continuous development. This initiative not only allows our team to enhance skills and foster professional growth but also serves as a foundational course for new hires. Successful completion earns participants the title of Certified Data Center Security Professionals, signifying their expertise in safeguarding data centers with the aim to increase client value.

“Our exceptional data center clients are testament to our position at the forefront of this crucial security domain”, says Magnus Ahlqvist, President and CEO of Securitas. “Data center security is about ensuring business continuity and instilling confidence in a highly complex and delicate environment. Giving our clients peace of mind, no matter where in the world they operate, has never been more important.”

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