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Data Centre

High Tech and IT industries are highly demanding in their security needs. These sectors are extremely fast-paced and highly competitive; therefore, the security solutions offered are more technology driven.

Secure your network, both online and off.

Advances in technology, combined with the global nature of data centres, bring the need for a flexible, standardised system that fulfils the requirements of today and foresees the problems of tomorrow. Every factor of a data centre security system, from the network to the physical infrastructure, must be accounted for, which is where our team of skilled experts comes in. We blend global and local expertise in design, engineering and project management to give you the confidence that your data centre system is delivered on-time and on-target.

seguridad en los data center

Dedicated to protection.

Securitas offers a dedicated, experienced team of experts who specialise in data centre security systems and are Certified Security Project Managers. With this focus and understanding of data centre-specific needs, our team plays a vital role in safeguarding your data centre, ensuring maximum uptime for your existing facilities and on-time delivery of new projects.

Clients rely on our specialist services for safety and security in data centers of every size, from the small server room of an individual business to Tier 5 hyperscale centers that manage billions of bytes of data daily. Our range of security solutions integrates and combines human expertise and intelligence with advanced technologies to protect operations and reputations of Data Centres across Singapore. 

Specialist Manpower 

Our Data Centre security officers are trained to detect and deter threats to the building, staff, equipment, and data integrity. They are alert to threats of every kind, including data tampering or theft and potential hazards such as floods, fires, or overheated servers. In addition, Securitas Officers undergo a bespoke training program that ensures they understand the unique demands of data center safety management. 

  • Securitas Certified Data Centre Security Professional Course
  • Occupation First-Aid with AED Training 
  • Screening of Person and Bag / Conduct Security Screening Using X-Ray Machine

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