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Securitas offers integrated security solutions for companies of all sizes in every sector. Our goal is to establish Securitas as the Knowledge Leader at the point of sale and become the single provider for all services.

One source, one contact for full spectrum security

With Securitas as your security partner, you receive a complete, trouble-free solution that allows you to focus all your energy on your core operations. You also avoid expensive investment costs by leasing the technology from us. Securitas security solutions include everything you need to protect your business. We provide you with a complete security solution, one personal contact, one contract, and one fixed price. Complete security, trouble-free.


We are client-centric and develop integrated security solutions based on our clients’ specific needs. We identify the best security solutions through analysis of and in-depth risk assessments at the client’s site, combined with specialized consultancy services enabled by our experts and our long-standing experience.

Efficient and cost-effective security solutions 

Investing in technology installed at the client's site brings added value to our clients and their people. We invest in line with the client’s needs and we take full responsibility for on-site installation and renewal or maintenance of security equipment. The added value to make your world a safer place comes through the adjustable scaling of security equipment, quality throughout the contract period, and competitiveness in terms of price. 

You don’t want to contact multiple suppliers for different security services and related technology. Our security solutions are flexible and enable us to work with different technology suppliers. To ensure the highest quality and the best choice, we have general agreements with some of the worlds leading suppliers of cameras, sensors, and other security technologies.