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Design and Installation

Comparing the benefits of different security technologies is one thing. Ensuring they are designed and installed to the highest standards is another. The good news is, here at Securitas Singapore, we offer all the expertise needed to seamlessly turn your vision of total business protection into a reality.

Our quality-first approach

It’s no secret that the long-term effectiveness of your security systems depends heavily on the standard of their original design and installation. This also plays a fundamental part in the return on investment that you achieve from your systems.

From the types of technology specified to the changing layout of each site, quality is critical. That’s why our dedicated electronic security team is committed to delivering superior security projects, made possible by the detail in our design and the expertise of our engineers.

It all starts with a conversation about your unique requirements

The first step towards enhancing your business security is an initial visit to your premises by one of our experienced electronic security specialists, who will listen to your specific concerns and preferences before carrying out a thorough security risk assessment.

During the consultation, we’ll take the time to demonstrate a clear understanding of your security needs, considering factors such as environment, daily operations, opening hours, access points, and any noticeable vulnerabilities.

Then, with this information on board, we’ll propose our recommended solution, including a carefully planned security architecture design and efficient installation plan.

Customize your security solution today

Contact us for more information on how we can create an optimized solution for you.
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