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Educational leaders want their students and staff to feel secure and happy within the academic environment. And parents want to know that the right precautions are in place to keep their children safe. With our extensive sector experience, you can be confident of our ability to meet these needs and expectations.

You educate, we protect.

Securitas Singapore provides customized security services to prevent intrusion, emergencies, fire damage and other potential impacts to schools' functioning. Our advanced technology, highly trained and fully licensed professional security specialists are well experienced and equipped to provide security services specific for the education sector.

Securitas provides security to schools, from Primary Schools to Universities, both local and internation, across Singapore. Securitas understand the unique challenges of the school environment and the delicate balance that a security program must provide.

Due to the large number of students, educational institutions require flexible access control systems and reliable service. A security guard in the area enables rapid response in the event of an alarm and ensures that no unauthorized individuals remain on the premises. At the same time, a security guard can serve as a:

  • Traffic and Crowd Controller 
  • Screen through visitors 
  • Host for your school, assisting in answering questions and giving directions.

In addition, Securitas has extensive experience providing ad-hoc security to events such as: 

  • Graduation Ceremonies 
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences/Meetings 
  • Open House events

We will work with your school’s administration to protect your students, staff, visitors, and facilities while meeting your budget needs.

Security concerns

Physical security remains a critical aspect of ensuring a safe and secure learning environment for educational institutions. In today's complex world, schools face a range of physical security threats, ranging from unauthorized access and trespassing to vandalism and violence. These threats can have a significant impact on the well-being of students, staff, and visitors, as well as the overall learning environment.

One of the primary physical security concerns is the potential for unauthorized access to school premises. Unsecured buildings, poorly maintained fences, and inadequate access control systems can create vulnerabilities that allow unauthorized individuals to enter school grounds. These individuals may pose a threat to the safety of students, staff, and visitors, or they may engage in vandalism or theft.

Inadequate surveillance systems can also pose a significant physical security risk. Limited camera coverage, outdated technology, or poor maintenance of surveillance equipment can hinder the ability to monitor school grounds and identify potential threats. Surveillance systems play a vital role in deterring criminal activity, providing evidence in the event of an incident, and assisting in the identification and apprehension of perpetrators.

The presence of large numbers of students, staff, and visitors on school campuses can further complicate physical security efforts. Maintaining order, ensuring the safety of all individuals, and preventing unauthorized access can be challenging in such a dynamic environment. Effective physical security measures must be designed to accommodate the unique challenges of managing large groups of people within a school setting.

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