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Service and Maintenance

Our commitment to providing world-class security systems doesn't end at the point of installation. In fact, ensuring the ongoing performance of your equipment, and 24/7 monitoring of your premises, is just as important.

Like any other electrical or mechanical equipment, your business security systems rely on ongoing maintenance to work to their full capacity. As an experienced security technology provider, we believe regular maintenance is essential for ensuring your alarms, cameras, and access devices continue to protect your people and premises effectively.

Our various maintenance packages offer several ways to maximize the lifecycle of your systems and prevent unexpected technical issues and costly repairs from disrupting your business. We recommend it to all our clients, who benefit from pre-arranged engineer visits to check equipment, remote technical support, system patching, software updates, a 24/7 call-out facility, and much more.

  • Intruder alarm panel and sensors maintenance
  • Fire alarm panel and sensors maintenance
  • CCTV maintenance
  • Access control system and equipment maintenance
  • 24/7 Remote Health Check Monitoring


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