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Our Responsibility

The buck stops here. It’s not a numbers game. We protect you and the environment because you’re our world.

We take pride in making people feel safe

Through our people, Securitas plays an important role in society and we take pride in making people feel safe every day by providing the highest quality safety and security services.

This is reflected in our purpose,“We help make your world a safer place”. 

We are also guided by our company ethics and strong core values, something that has been a part of the Securitas’ culture since the start in 1934 and played a key role in our successful journey. Our core values are integrity, vigilance and helpfulness. These three values are at the heart of our culture and they define who we are and guide our actions.  

A responsible and solid employer

We operate in 45 markets and employ 358,000 people globally. Being a responsible and solid employer is a priority, but we must also conduct our business in an ethical way, consider our environmental impact, and offer high-quality services. Only then will all areas of our operations become sustainable.

A responsible and solid employer

Download and read the Annual and Sustainability Report