Remote Guarding - Guard Tasks Executed Remotely

Effective security programs become a success when intrusion systems, video cameras, monitoring centres and on-site security officers work together as one integrated force, increasing security level and lowering resource demand.

Securitas Singapore has ventured towards technology solutions offering services that will manage and respond real-time security threats through remote video monitoring, where onsite guarding functions can now be performed remotely.

Remote Guarding Services

  • Alarm Verification and Response
  • Remote Patrol
  • Remote Entry/Exit Management

Your Benefits as a Customer

  • Reduction of cost associated with law enforcement responding to false alarms
  • Protection & deterrent from potential theft and vandalism
  • Promotion of safe community and workplace
  • Customized security program
  • Quick professional response in cases of emergency
  • Technology driven quality assurance
  • Human approach

Remote Guarding Solutions Brochure

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