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Akin Phaichayont


Name: Akin Phaichayont
Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Years with Securitas:
- Branch Manager 2017-2019
- Area Manager 2020-Present

My current role: Expand Securitas’ business in Thailand. Look for and develop business opportunities, conduct security risk assessments to support potential and current clients, provide solutions and develop contracts. I collaborate with the Country President and the country team on all aspects of business expansion.

Topic studied and location: Mobile Patrol and City Patrol in Stockholm, Sweden.

Why did you apply for the Scholarship?

This was an excellent opportunity to deepen my knowledge of specific services to gain a better understanding and add value for clients, which will help to improve our operations and business results in Thailand.

What did you learn/gain from the study visit?

I visited several branch offices in Stockholm and the Operations Center. They had a fantastic operations team and were very well organized. It was also good to see the planning tools. Through meetings with the head of the operations team, I also learned about their business plan and offerings. My visit also included meetings with our senior management team, and I gained more in-depth knowledge about sustainability, the brand and Toolbox, and business ethics and compliance. These are all essential to Securitas’ ability to add value and make a real difference in One Securitas.

How will you share this knowledge/experience within your organization?

I will schedule monthly meetings with the team to present and discuss possible steps forward. I plan to train branch managers in the TBMT (Thailand Branch Manager Training) program and educate clients simultaneously. I will then prioritize plans to implement mobile service. I am working closely with the Country President to discuss and find solutions to support the team further.