Security Executive

Job Responsibilities

  • Conduct daily audit check of all the Security Personnel to ensure that they have carried out their duties
  • Carry out random night checks on its Security Personnel deployed at Client's property and/or premises
  • Ensure that all new instructions from Client are promptly passed down to the guards on the ground for immediate compliance
  • Support Access Control Team on door issues being reported, ensuring floor plans are well updated and other instructions given by the team
  • Acknowledge on daily CCTV monitoring review that have been checked by the appointed Security Conceirge
  • Conduct "Door Held Open" review report and follow up with escalations  to biz units daily
  • Ensure all documents that are to be timely recorded and updated are stored in common shared folder
  • Update the organization chart for respective command centres accordingly
  • Maintain proper equipment inventory list
  • Conduct security and fire safety checks on a daily basis
  • Supervise the provision of security through the Command Centre duties
  • Generate and amend quarterly access entitlement review and perform access card application forms retrieval as and when requested by Data Centre Manager or Auditors
  • Other responsibilites as instructed by Area Security Manager (ASM)

Job Requirement

  • At least diploma or A levels with minimum 3 years relevant experience
  • Possess strong leadership skill
  • Possess at least Security Supervisor qualification in PLRD
  • Good interpersonal and customer service skill
  • Computer literate
  • Well groomed
  • 5 days work